Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop


Does Water Help You Poop?

Pooping might be the most natural instinctive acts of animals from prehistoric times. It’s right up there with sleeping, drinking water and back rubs. Okay, maybe not back rubs but back rubs are awesome too! The human physiology works in very interesting ways. All the different kinds of food that we eat pass through our mouths and into our stomachs were a lot of chemistry happens and as a...

6 Drinks That Help You Poop Fast

Is there a worse feeling in the world when you’re yearning for a good poo but your posterior region just isn’t cooperating? There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good poop to start your day off! So on one of those days, we need something to get our bodily fluids going to get our day up and running. If you’re in this situation right now and dying to get some motion going, here are 6 drinks to...

15 Foods That Help You Poop With Ease

When it comes to foods to help you poop, there are plenty of them out there. You don’t have to use a laxative or try an herbal supplement in order to put your digestive tract into gear.Instead, you can simply make sure that you add some of these foods to your diet. These are easy foods to incorporate, and odds are that you already consume some of them anyway. Adding a few more, or adding larger...

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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