Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good? (Poophoria Explained)

Do you know anyone that doesn’t like the feeling of a proper good poop that unloads all the filth from inside? Me neither! There’s just something about the act of removing one’s stool from the body that feels overly pleasant. Why does something so inherently nasty make us feel so euphoric? Well, turns out, there is science behind this poophoria! It’s got a lot to do with our nervous systems and...

What Color Should Your Poop Be?

You know something great about your poop? In addition to the poophoria that a really satisfying poop can give you, it can also be an indicator of your health. Think about it; when you’re sat at the toilet seat and your poo shoots out like a turret, you know you likely have an upset stomach. Shootout pellets and it usually means you are suffering from dehydration or a lack of enough fiber in your...

Bristol Stool Chart: What is Your Poop Telling You?

Poop does a lot more than just get your waste out of your body! If you aren’t aware, your poop is actually a good indicator of your health in a lot of ways. Poop can have a variety of colors and shapes and they all usually mean something. And don’t even get me started on how heavenly a good poop can be! Nothing beats a nice old poop to start the day. Given how much this basic bodily function does...

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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