Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

Does Water Help You Poop?

Pooping might be the most natural instinctive acts of animals from prehistoric times. It’s right up there with sleeping, drinking water and back rubs.

Okay, maybe not back rubs but back rubs are awesome too! The human physiology works in very interesting ways. All the different kinds of food that we eat pass through our mouths and into our stomachs were a lot of chemistry happens and as a residue, this brown, gooey substance comes out.

After years of medical advancements and in general, taking life for granted, we don’t even blink at that thought but it’s quite a crazy thought that this is how things work! What’s even more fascinating is how the contents of what we eat affect the pooping experience!

Addressing the issue of the article, how does water, if at all, influence our pooping?

How Does Water Influence Our Pooping

Now, I think most of us are aware that we ‘refine out’ water through different channels than food. It’s a discovery most people make at quite a young age I’m sure! So it’s more than pertinent to ask whether drinking water should affect our pooping at all.

The short answer to that question is yes. Drinking water does, in fact, make you poop. Or makes it easier to poop. Or helps poop. You catch the drift!

Yes, yes, I hear you complaining! The explanation always comes with the long answer, if you didn’t know! Even though they are filtered out in different pathways, water and food enter the same mouth and pass through the same intestines.

Drinking more water, therefore, in the immediacy, makes your solid foods much more diluted and easier to process for your body. Quite obvious, isn’t it? But, on a deeper level, water does a lot more to aid in the stool removal process.

The Water Effect

First of all, water, in general, clears out whatever waste is stuck inside your intestines. Yes, even after the dinner from yesterday has been processed by all the chemistry going on inside your stomach, you still have some left back in your intestines.

Drinking water flushes all of it out from your intestines towards the waste managers of your body. You’ll get what I mean perfectly well if you’ve ever seen a colonoscopy or been in the receiving end of one! Actually, I hope you didn’t, nasty stuff!

Anyway, this waste that was left back has to be removed now, doesn’t it? So just by drinking water, the flushing out of waste from your body, in essence, makes you poop.

To add to this point further, you are aware that our body has to retain a degree of water inside for the body to function optimally. When you’ve gone a certain period of time without drinking any water, your body will instinctively start retaining water in a bid to keep the body nourished.

As a result, excesses of food that are left behind will be stuck back and after your next meal, due to the buildup of more food, you are more likely to encounter constipation and other pleasant bodily experiences!

Water is also considered to be a natural lubricant for your colon. People who drink a lot of water are, in general, quite well hydrated and tend to keep different parts of our body moist and hydrated too.

This point suggests that more than causing you to poop, drinking water also makes your pooping experience a hell of a lot smoother than it otherwise would have been. See, so many of your problems can be fixed just by drinking some more water!

A normal dose of science not enough for you? Okay then! Here is some more water science is thrown at you! We all know your diet is awful. It probably is.

Or you wouldn’t be reading this right now, I’m pretty sure! The problem with junk food is that you’re intaking a lot of fats, a substance that can be quite tricky to handle for your kidney and liver. This might also be true for fiber in some instances.

What water does is dissolve any soluble fats to make it easier for your liver to process and breaks down certain soluble fibers so your kidneys have an easier time of handling everything you throw its way.

So if you’re into a lot of junk food and some pesky fibers that you really should not be consuming, you might want to complement your diet with a lot of water.

Replace Soda & Fizzy Drinks

A good trick is to replace soda and carbonated drinks with water because when good old water has your back in so many different ways, all these sweetened beverages just act to cut out water from your system and contribute to dehydration.

I know, I know! Even I can’t help not having a Pepsi with my burger but that combination, particularly when fast food is a staple of your diet, is a surefire way to get some seriously bad constipation, my friend!

And the fact that I am mentioning fast food and staple diet in the same sentence probably means you also have a lot of other problems besides constipation too!

Water is like the dog of natural edibles; truly a man’s best friend! Water keeps you alive, keeps your organs going and quenches thirst like no other. And after today, you know that it also makes you poop and makes you poop more smoothly!

Don’t even get me started on how important poops are; nothing gets a day off to a good start as a nice, warm session in the toilet! And the best part is, water isn’t some complicated chemical either.

Just drink when you feel thirsty and you should be getting in enough to meet your needs. If you ever have problems with pooping, next time, have a glass of water before you run into your pharmacy and get medicine. It might just be what you needed to fix up your stomach.

However, if you are someone who has persistent issues, maybe your diet is the issue. Water isn’t a miracle worker after all!

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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