Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

6 Drinks That Help You Poop Fast

Is there a worse feeling in the world when you’re yearning for a good poo but your posterior region just isn’t cooperating?

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good poop to start your day off! So on one of those days, we need something to get our bodily fluids going to get our day up and running.

If you’re in this situation right now and dying to get some motion going, here are 6 drinks to get your insides going as soon as it enters your system.


Yes, you read that right; water! You’ve been completely oblivious to this I am sure but sometimes, the only thing that might be causing you your constipation is some dehydration.

It can happen that when you are dehydrated, your colon becomes very dry and all that junk food that you had for lunch gets stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time! So if your mouth is feeling a bit dry and you feel the urge to do the business, considering drinking some water first, before you get stuck pushing and heaving for hours in the toilet!


A lot of people swear by their morning tea to get their bowels going and it’s not surprising either; a good morning tea of coffee is just what some people need to get their bowels up and running right from the morning.

Many variations of tea and coffee contain ingredients that can soothe your insides and get mobilize your bowels to deal with all that food you stuffed down your throat from last night’s dinner at your cousin’s.

This is particularly true for certain ingredients such as dried fruits and ginger which is included with a variety of different teas. With coffee, however, you might want to practice some caution. Coffee is known to be a dehydrate as well so if you chug too much thinking it’ll make your bowel movements easier, you’ll just end up with a very stiff colon instead!

Also, not everyone takes coffee well so make sure you don’t have any tolerance issues with it before you heed my advice and start chugging away.

Aloe Vera Juice

Another drink to loosen those stiff bowels is from the good old aloe vera plant. In addition to a lot of other health benefits that are associated with drinking the dense, sap-like juice from the plant, it might also be the one-stop route to traffic-free bowels.

Before you go and bite into the plant like a madman, you’ll need to do some pre-processing! Take some juice and mix it with some water. Afterward, run it into a blender and after the solution becomes something a bit more dilute and flows better than your stiff bowels, drink it in and just see it do wonders for your poor intestines!

Also, if indigestion is something you regularly have issues with, having a good glass of on somewhat of a regular basis may just be what it needed to get loose. I should add though, that if your bowels are regularly causing you trouble, you might want to check your diet too!

Mineral oils

Certain mineral oils are also going to help you out if you’re constipated and want to enjoy the quality time you spend in the toilet.

A lot of mineral oils can act as natural laxatives when ingested and can help lubricate the inner workers of your posterior region. If it is draught season in your intestines and the dryness is getting to your stool, maybe what you needed all along was a teacup of olive oil to get your engines oiled and running.

However, do note that olive oil isn’t something that will start working instantly. Sadly, that means that you might have to go to bed without getting in a much-needed poop to smoothen your sleep but at least you’ll be able to let it all go to your heart’s content the following morning!

Orange juice

No, not the stuff you have in boxes; actual, oranges squeezed into a juice! You could blend the fruit whole but squeezing it will do. Orange juice and the fruit, in particular, is full of fiber and if you’ve ever had food poisoning, you’ll know how good fibers are at letting your stool shoot!

Additionally, oranges are also known to have a compound called naringenin, commonly found in citrus-like fruits and according to research, can have a laxative-like effect on consumers of juice.

And hey, if you like oranges, what more could you want! It’s quite a delicious remedy compared to most other things as well and oranges don’t take that long to start taking effect either, so don’t hesitate to drink some if you want a tasty, quick remedy to your battle against bowel traffic.

Epsom salt solutions

A magnesium salt solution, Epsom salt is quite well known for being a quick-fix laxative to use when the strain of a tight colon weighs on you a bit too heavily!

Epsom salt is approved by the FDA for oral use and by mixing a few teaspoons and gulping it all down, your bowel movements should be smooth in no time.

Be wary of how much you put into a glass though; refer to the package to understand how much you should be put in according to your needs. Don’t put in too much or you might end up with a case of loose motion instead!

So with all of these, you should be spoiled for choice the next time you’re in need of smoother bowels.

We all want our poop to run smoothly and let’s be honest; there’s nothing more heavenly than a good poop to start your day!

With the host of options provided here and some preparation, you will hopefully not have to worry about pooping again after that. So, in the embodiment of the spirit of the festive season, one might say, happy pooping!

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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