Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

6 Exercises That Make You Poop

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives; we can feel a lump in our posterior region ready to come out but no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to find that extra bit of push to force it all out!

I know I’ve been there and there are very few things as annoying as that moment when you’re sat on the toilet seat, heaving with all your strength, but sadly to no avail. You have a meeting or something important coming up that will prevent you from going back to the toilet to do your business later so you have to squeeze it out right now.

Well, worry not! The key to salvation for you is exercise! With the right exercises, not only can you really mobilize your digestive tract but also create positive tension in your gut to force out that lump in your stomach, that probably feels even heavier now I bet!

To help you out, here are 6 exercises to get your bladder going.

1. Jump squats

Squats are a very good way in their own right, to create the extra bit of stress into your gut to force out whatever pesky stool is holding up traffic down there.

Add a jump before the squat down to the floor and you will get even more downward force for that extra bit of tension just to make sure the job gets done! Be careful to not overdo the bit when you’re coming down or you might have a case of black pants gone brown in the most inconvenient of situations!

For what it’s worth, jump squats are also a very good form of cardio so you’ll be getting in some decent exercise in the process too; win-win in every way really!

2. Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches require you to pull your knees up and back as close as possible to your head. It tilts your hips slightly up and if you are in a situation where there’s a big heap in your posterior region that needs removing, this is going to be a very good exercise to steadily build up the tension to force the stool out. 

If you’re close to the tipping point but need that extra push, this is probably the best exercise because you get to control the size and strength of the contractions so you’ll be able to stop and rush out to the bathroom just at the edge!

If done right, you probably don’t need to worry about brown pants with this exercise!

3. Forward lunges

Even though most of the burden of forwarding lunges are on the legs, at the bottom of the movement, the burden of the strain is put on your abdomen, provided you do the exercise properly.

It’s not that difficult; just keep your back straight and the ankle of the hind leg should be below the knee of the forward leg.

This opens up the hip really, really well and the strain it puts on the abdominal region will steadily build up the strain in your pressure pooper, preparing it for a well-controlled explosion!

4. Standing forward bend

This is a yoga pose where you bend in front as much as possible with your hands touching the surface of the floor.

Yeah, it’s about as difficult as it might seem in your head! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be perfect when you’re trying to pull this off. When you’re in the bend, try to push your chest towards the thighs as much as you are able to.

If you’re not exactly skinny, you might not bet a lot of depth but that’s fine. This exercise not only creates a lot of strain on your abdomens in order to force your stool out from the tightest of chokepoints, but it is also beneficial for your nervous system and helps regulate your stool mechanism overall.

Of course, it’s a yoga move that has deeper level benefits and not the easier exercises!

5. Wind removing pose

This exercise is a bit of a mix of normal exercise and yoga. Lie down on your back and pull your knees up to your chest as much as possible, holding onto each knee at the top for 10 seconds to really build up the tension in both sides of the abdominal muscles.

Doing this exercise going right to left can stimulate bowel movements and is also known to help regulate built up gas in your stomach so don’t be surprised if you shoot one or two in-between the exercise! It’s the wind remover for a reason after all!

6. Downward facing dog

This is also one of the tougher yoga poses! Stand on your feet and bend the front half of your body down while keeping your legs straight, making a V shape out of your body that is perfectly straight.

It can be quite difficult to pull off but by maintaining the stress by pressing into the surface with the palm of your hands and forcing your knees to be straight, you will relax all the other muscles in the body and force any buildup of bodily wastes in unwanted areas to move on and contribute to a buildup, as well as a compressive stress at the tip of the V or the posterior region.

However, the stress isn’t that severe; this is more of a regulatory exercise to free up the insides of your body, in case certain passages are blocked due to the buildup of tension or stress in those regions. Suboptimal movement in your intestines can also be a reason why you’ve had trouble pooping too!

These exercises vary in function, difficulty, and effectiveness but any of them should help you push out that extra bit of stress that you need in order to get your dirty business done in time so that it doesn’t hinder you for any other work. And heck, why wouldn’t you want your poop to be the best experience each time?

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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