Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

How to Poop When You’re Constipated

We’ve all been there; after a cup of rice too many or a slice of jam and toast too much for our system to handle, the post-processing of our food becomes quite a bit difficult and we end up with a chokepoint of sorts!

Now, I don’t know about you but I want my poop sessions to be smooth, fast and comfortable and when you catch a nasty case of constipation, they’re anything but all of that!

You might find all this poop talk quite a bit unsettling but if constipation is the order of the day, you really need to get some of that stool moving and to help you get your poop rolling again, here’s yours truly, coming at you with the real talk.

So depending on the issue that is causing said constipation, you’ll have to take measures accordingly. First of all, your current predicament is most likely down to your awful diet of fast food.

We all enjoy our Big Macs and chicken tenders but overdosing on them can be quite problematic, especially for your digestive tract! To offset this, you need an injection of fiber from vegetables and fruits.

A decent serving of a high fiber food such as oats, for example, should be getting your track up and moving again if your problem did, in fact, originate from too much McDonalds for your regular meals!

The High Fiber Rule

While we’re still on the topic of high fiber, depending on the severity of constipation, maybe you will want to resort to a high fiber supplement as opposed to just sticking to foodstuff.

This will usually come in handy when you’re seriously low in fiber in your system. These supplements are known to add volume to your stool and reduce concentration, making it much easier for your body to push out the stool and reduce all that pressure in the stress area!   

Dehydration is another common source of stiff bowel movement. When your body is running too low on water, more likely than not, your stool will also become much drier and stress on your posterior region to deal with that hard-to-move poop will be infinitely harder.

And trust me, you’ll definitely be feeling it too! So if the sudden surge of constipation that you’re experiencing at any particular moment just happens to coincide with a degree of dryness in the mouth, you’re in luck!

A glass of water or two should remedy the dryness in both areas and get your intestines pumping out that stinky poop!

Move Your Bowels

Sometimes, you don’t even need to eat or drink anything to get a poop going when you’re suffering from constipation. To get your bowels moving and moving all that junk inside them on, all you need to do is move your bowels.

Confused? Of course, I am talking about exercise here! Unless it’s a chronic problem and just momentary, you might be able to poop it off just by going for a light jog of all things!

In addition to shaking things up down in your intestines, a jog will get your heart pumping and increase blood flow throughout your abdominal region, all things that help regulate your stool better. Get your butt off the sofa you’re sat on right now and make a run for it!

And while we’re still on the topic of exercise, sometimes, you just have to find a way to squeeze it out, ya know! As painful and uncomfortable as that idea might seem, when the need arises, you just have to do get it through!

This feeling is basically what college students go through towards the end of every semester so there are people who can relate to your troubles! To make it easier to force one out, do some squats and get down really low; butts to ground kind of low is what I’m talking about.

If you’d rather not risk the chances of you doing your business inside your pants, avoid doing this! In that case, just get a footstool and put your feet up on it to resemble a squatting position, only sat down. This is often known as the correct posture of taking a poop and is known to make it easier to pass all that junk through your cavity.

Maybe if you were doing squats more regularly, you wouldn’t even be here in this mess!


Finally, if you’ve tried every exercise, every fiber, drinking water and you still can’t force it through, as a wise man once said, desperate times call for desperate measures. Time to bring out laxatives my friend.

Laxatives are known well enough by most people and yes, a good laxative should solve your constipation quite quickly. However, before you head off to your local pharmacy to get one, do note the different types of laxatives available. Stimulant laxatives force bowel movements by compressing the intestines, forcing the intestines to empty themselves out.

This might be slightly painful as many of the underlying factors might still apply so you might want to consider the alternatives, particularly if your posterior region is in a lot of pain as a result. And osmotic will be much smoother as it lets more water and fluids pass into your colon. So if dryness is the issue with your stiff turds, an osmotic might create the slippery slope of stimulation that relieves your constipation!

Finally, the lubricant variant makes the walls of your intestines more slippery by adding a layer of coating to the walls, allowing stool to move out the colon with much less friction than before. However, do note that this method might take a while to work so if you’re in a rush, do consider the alternatives!

I hope you know how to handle a messy situation before it gets messy from now on! Constipation sucks, I know! Do consider making some changes to your diet or lifestyle as a whole if you suffer from constipation on a regular basis.

Maybe just go to the doctor. Yeah, do that maybe. You can’t get on laxatives every time now, can you?!

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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