Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

What Color Should Your Poop Be?

You know something great about your poop? In addition to the poophoria that a really satisfying poop can give you, it can also be an indicator of your health. Think about it; when you’re sat at the toilet seat and your poo shoots out like a turret, you know you likely have an upset stomach.

Shootout pellets and it usually means you are suffering from dehydration or a lack of enough fiber in your food, according to the Bristol Stool Chart.

Similarly, you might not know this but your poop can have different colors too! Depending on whether you are healthy and the diet you are on, it can change. Certain colors, however, are a sign regarding whether there is anything wrong with your tract or stomach or a bunch of other things.

So what color should your poop be anyway?

Stool Color

Stool color is influenced by bile and as I have said already, what you eat. Bile itself is a yellowish green fluid that helps you digest food.

As a general rule, therefore, the color of your stool should be somewhere around brown or even green, depending on the type of diet you are on. People on normal diets should have shades of yellow, whereas people on specifically vegetarian diets can, in fact, have a greenish tint on their stool.

Bile, despite its greenish tint, at the end of the processing of food, turns brownish because enzymes released in the tracts change the pigmentation of stool from green to brown.

The green tint that a lot of people experience on their stool is due to the fact that only fiber diets can lead to food passing through your large intestines faster than normal, reducing the exposure time to bile and therefore, does not undergo complete deformation by the processes of your stomach. If this is the case, do not be surprised if you see some vegetables accompanying your stool too!

So now that you have the answer to the question, it’ll also do you good to know what different colors may mean in regards to your overall health. Certain health conditions should be reflected in the color of your poop so knowing what each means beforehand can really help you identify problems just by assessing your poo. A pretty nifty thing to be able to do!

Fatty Food Effect

If you’re eating a lot of fatty foods, there is a pretty good chance your stool will become more yellowish in color. Yellow in itself is not a bad color for your poop and no, I am not talking aesthetically!

There’s nothing aesthetic about poop damn it! If your stool turns yellow all of a sudden, don’t stress it too much. Just cut down on junk food and red meat and you should see it go back to its original color in no time.

There is a caveat though. Some people will experience a yellow tint to their stool because of gluten. If you are not aware if you are gluten intolerant yet, this might be a sign that you are but get yourself checked just to be sure.

If you’re an adult, more likely than not, you should know if you are gluten tolerant or not though so if you don’t, what have you been doing all this time fam!?

Now to some more serious issues. If your stool is off-white or a creamy color and you aren’t taking any new medicine, it might indicate that your body is having trouble producing bile for whatever reason.

Given the importance of bile to digestion, this is definitely a cause for concern and the first thing you should do in such a situation is to go to the doctor’s and getting a checkup.

Because the liver is responsible for producing bile, it might be a sign that you may be carrying liver-related diseases or there might be the growth of a tumor on your liver preventing bile from seeping out. Either way, it’s pretty serious so don’t waste any more time if this is you!

Black Stool

Black stool is something that is common in newborns but not so much in adults. You’re probably not a newborn if you’re reading this so let’s focus on adults for now!

Certain foods with black food coloring can cause a darkening of the stool. Natural foods such as blueberries are also known to cause this. However, if you cannot recall eating any of these foods, you should really be worried right about now because darkening is caused due to the seepage of blood into your intestines in certain cases.

Bleeding of the tract can be a sign of ulcers or anything cancerous so you better be going to the doctor’s immediately because this can be quite fatal. Redness of the stool can also be due to similar reasons. Unless you had anything that is very reddish lately, and the odds of eating reddish food are a bit more as red coloring is common in soup and carbonated beverages, it is also a sign of bleeding in the tracts.

So be wary if your stool is red or black all of a sudden. A spot like this might save your life, no jokes!

If your poop is any other color, like blue, or purple, you probably had something to eat that had some intense food coloring. Nothing inside your body can make those colors so in a sense, there isn’t really anything particularly concerning here, despite the fact that the idea of your poop being purple can be quite a terrifying one!

So with that, you should know what your normal stool ought to look like and in case they don’t match the description, as long as it’s a shade of yellow, brown or green, it should be all right.

Black and red stool merit a visit to the doctor’s and any other color is probably down to whatever junk you had for dinner the other night. Knowing your poop is very important, as should be clear to you by know so know your poop well and take a look at it every now and then to make sure you are healthy.

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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