Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop

Why Does Pooping Feel Good? (Poophoria Explained)

Do you know anyone that doesn’t like the feeling of a proper good poop that unloads all the filth from inside? Me neither! There’s just something about the act of removing one’s stool from the body that feels overly pleasant.

Why does something so inherently nasty make us feel so euphoric? Well, turns out, there is science behind this poophoria! It’s got a lot to do with our nervous systems and other good stuff so let’s delve into this a bit further.

Vegus Nerve

There is a particular nerve in our body called the vagus nerve, that helps regulate certain things such as digestion. So let’s envision (not literally!) a scenario where you’ve been holding in a big load of poo inside and you just get home and are about to let it rip!

The first few seconds after you unload, it’s like you are overcome by a heightened sense of calm and release, isn’t it? This phenomenon, perhaps one of the greatest feelings in the world, is driven by stimulation of the vagus nerve but a really massive poop!

Stimulation of this nerve causes your heart rate to be lowered, drops your level of blood pressure after holding it in for some time and sends a momentary feeling of calm through your whole body. The feeling is very similar to a dose of dopamine and according to scientists, can even be addictive!

That begs the question, why our body needs to provide positive reinforcement for such an act in the first place? Many of the natural processes that humans do need a sort of positive reinforcement in order for us to want to do them. Defecation is a very necessary human process, something no one should contest.

Because the body has been wired to enjoy defecation, your natural instinct is to go through with the act and not hold it in, whereas if it was the case that defecation was a very difficult or painful process, humans would be more likely to retain the wastes that are generated in the body and needless to say, that ought to be really bad for our health.

If you think all this poop matter is nasty, it’s there inside your body and even if you don’t like thinking about, you still have to get rid of all the natural wastes that our body produces on a daily basis. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if humans stopped pooping!

So we’ve established that our body makes us feel better about pooping because it’s something that we otherwise, might not do as often as we ought to. To delve into it even deeper, consider this; babies, right after birth cannot perform most of the things that a fully grown adult can do, except for the most basic ones that regulate our body.

Pooping being one of them, it’s worth asking the question how babies know how to poop before they’re even intelligent. Sure, they need some potty training but that’s for them to pass out their stool in a more structured manner, more than anything!

The Phycology of Pooping

The answer to these questions might actually be in psychology; more specifically, a theory by Sigmund Freud called the Psycho-Sexual Theory of Development. Don’t worry, I know it’s a lot of complicated science so I will put it all to you in layman’s terms!

Children, after birth, go through periods of fixation and their fixation will focus on different things. If you’ve ever dealt with babies, you know that they like to grab whatever they can hold on to and they’ll put whatever small object they’ll find into their mouth and all that other good stuff!

These are all due to different fixations that a baby experiences and satisfying these fixations to a degree is essential for a baby’s development. One of these is an anal fixation, whereby children are also programmed to poop out, immediately as the need arises, to poop out whatever they have in their bladder at that particular moment.

Unlike you and I, babies can’t decide when to take a dump and probably can’t even comprehend what the process even is!

Reflexive Pooping

We’ve already gone over the importance of getting rid of all the filth of our body. So why is it that babies reflexively poop? I’ll give you a minute to hazard a guess! Yes, you got it! BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD!

Babies can’t comprehend thought but they can feel and the feeling of poophoria is something that we start to experience right from birth. And what do babies do when they enjoy doing something? Of course, they keep doing it.

Even though parents probably don’t enjoy their babies taking a dump while they’re still holding them but this process is, in essence, one of the reasons why we’re alive to being with. The science of survival is quite fascinating, isn’t it?!

Just behind the mere process of taking a dump, so much goes on behind the scenes and underneath the veil of what is a pleasurable but somewhat disgusting process, is one of the keys to the survival of mankind, from long before humans were even civilized.

Indeed, when humans were susceptible to the threat from wild animals (I’m talking way back in the day), defecating was a process by which humans would make themselves as light as possible by getting rid of all waste materials, thereby gaining every speed advantage as possible and also using the defecation to ward off predators.

So long answer short; we poop because we have to survive and because it’s something necessary for survival from a long time back, it’s something that we have been wired to enjoy doing over the passage of time.

So enjoy this privilege to the fullest and make sure you enjoy all the poops you take in your lifetime. Poophoria truly is a gift and the fact that it comes from one of the most natural human processes makes it all the more enjoyable and fascinating. So what are you waiting for? Poop away, young grasshopper!

Tips on How to Make Yourself Poop
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